Francis Cooke (abt. 1583: 1663). Published by: Becky Syphers, Michael Ray Lechner, Ted Harold Lechner…

Francis Cooke (abt. 1583: 1663). Published by: Becky Syphers, Michael Ray Lechner, Ted Harold Lechner…

Francis Cooke honed been a traveler on Mayflower. Join: Mayflower ProjectDiscuss: mayflower



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“and therefore, these revealed god become usas part ofg them in every his or her methods, also to bless his or her outgoings and incomings, which is why allow their name that is holy have reward for good, to all the posterity. ”

Their Log of this Mayflower. 1

Francis Cooke

The absolute most year that is likely Francis Cooke’s delivery was 1583. The area remains as yet not known. 2 As part of 1603 “Franchois Couck” became involved in order to marry Hester Mahieu. The couple was living in Le 3 4 Seven children were born to the couple, with 6 surviving infancy at that time.

Inside 1620 Francis Cooke plus their son John, created as part of 1607, kept Holland in the Speedwell. The Pilgrim was joined by them business regarding the Mayflower and also found its way to what else would definitely being Plymouth, Massachusetts. Francis signed each Mayflower Lightweight Hester Cooke together with youngsters arrived over in 1623 in the Anne. That youngest 2 young ones might have been created into the world that is new. Their career within the colony that is new perhaps husbandman.

“Netherlands, Archival Indexes, public record information, ” databases, FamilySearch (https: // /61903/1:1: QLRB-KTVX: thirteen 2017), Franchoys Couck and Hester Mahieu, Marriage 04 Jul 1603, Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Nederland; from database, openarchives (. October.

That Plymouth Colony documents have actually recommendations towards Francis Cooke. His families gotten property during the unit concerning secure inside 1624 and also is listed in that the division concerning cattle as part of 1627. That he offered being excellent arbiter out of neighbor’s disputes, as juryman, pa 5 in conclusion, he had been really tangled up in community and also Colony affiairs. This person maintained their abode in Plmouth and even though he experienced gotten land that is additional.

“he’d lots of descendants which entail Alphonso Taft, William Howard Taft, Charles Taft, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, leading complete Leonard lumber, and many more. ” 6

Francis Cooke passed away 7, 1663 and was buried at Rocky Nook, now Kingston, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts april. Their will certainly to stock are recorded when you look at the Plymouth Colony Wills to services, amount II, component II, folios one plus 2. Mr. John Alden to Mr John Howland had been witnesses. 7

Francis Cooke. 8 ffrancis Cooke. 9 Franchoys Couck. 10 Couk, Franchoys concerning England. 3 11 12

Note: each title out of Francis Cooke appears in documents to un 11 3 12


Francis Cooke was created up to 1583, likely inside England.

Created regarding 1583, perhaps at England. 8 created concerning 1583. 8 13


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“in newer seasons’s time, 1608, the type of admitted in order to communion by just page to move off still another Walloon congregation are `Francois Cooke et Esther sa femme, de Norwich’. Your entry notifies people in which earlier 1608, each Cooke-Mahieu few have were living at Norwich one of the Walloons truth be told there. That they evidently remaining of Norwich regarding eight August 1606, while an email into the Walloon collection to Leiden mentions his or her departure regarding which date and letters concerning move. Both departure using attestation plus the come back to communion inside Leiden having a letter that is comparable in which Francois Cooke, plus Hester his spouse, hperd been a part regarding the Leiden Walloon congregation. That Cookes evidently came ultimately back quickly in order to Leiden, between your quarterly times to communion, which they missed, to be able to own his or her son Jean baptized inside the Leiden Walloon congregation among families when godparents to increase him in the event he became orphaned.

“Scholars within un 14 15 12

Note: the departure at attestation additionally the go back to communion as part of Le 14 15 12


Simply by career, he hperd been a woolcomber. 12

Francis are characterized at un 3 but their origins tend to be not known. That he has been a refugee off spiritual persecution somewhere else at continental European countries. 16

Very very Early family and life

Francis Cooke as well as Hester un Mahieu’s wedding happened inside Le 8

Marriage June 1603 11 3 Bruidegom Franchoys Couck (wolkammer) geboren Engelant that is te Bruid Mahieu geboren te Cantelberch Engelant. Witnesses Groom-Getuigen bruidegom: Phillippe de Veau bekende: Raphael Roelandt bekende. Witnesses Bride-Getuigen bruid: Jenne Mahieu moeder: Jenne Mahieu zusterTranslated: Franchoys Couck, to England, Wool-comber, accompanied simply by Phillipe de Veau as well as Raphael Roelandt their acqaintance. Betrothed. 30 1603 to Hester Mahieu of Canterbury in England, accompanied june. With Jenne Mahieu the lady mom as well as Jenne mahieu the girl sis. 11 3

Though Hester Mahieu is actually detailed when “out of Canterbury, ” she ended up being in fact Walloon, French-speaking Belgian, rather than English. Some Walloons lived as part of Canterbury, atvolved in that the textile trades. 12

Francis are characterized at un 11 each Mahieus, after Lille, experienced resided at Canterbury, subsequently London, because the 1570s prior to going inside Leiden at 1590. Hester un Mahieu’s sis had been Marie un Mahieu, spouse concerning Jan Lano, yet another refugee that is protestant Canterbury after which Leiden, whoever son, Philippe de Lannoy (anglicized in order to ‘Delano’) migrated on Fortune to become listed on his uncle Francis Cooke plus his cousin Robert in Plymouth colony inside 1621, suffering from become left out with 20 people whenever Mayflower’s cruising mate, that Speedwell, foundered and also came ultimately back towards slot at England making that Mayflower in order to sail only. Philippe may be the progenitor regarding the branch for the Delano families surviving in America, from where Franklin Delano Roosevelt descends.

During un 14 your Pilgrim church had not been created in Leiden till 1609, so that Francis had been lifestyle around a long time before his or her arrival to should have satisfied up with plus accompanied consumers a short while later.

“in brand new 12 months’s Day, 1608, those types of admitted towards communion by just page concerning transfer off yet another Walloon congregation are `Francois Cooke et Esther sa femme, de Norwich’. This particular entry notifies people which prior to 1608, that Cooke-Mahieu few experienced were livas part ofg as part of Norwich among the list of Walloons truth be told there. That they ev 14 15 12